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Support for Families

Winter workshops have wrapped up. Please keep an eye out for future workshop opportunities.

Do you need support for yourself or your child?

Please reach out. There is no cost. We can meet by phone, zoom, or in person. 

At the Common Goodness Project we believe that every parent loves their child and wants them to thrive. More than any other relationship, parents/guardians have the most impact in the life of a young person. 

And we know that parenting an LGBTQ+ child can bring up fear, questions, and unexpected challenges. Many parents/families feel very alone when their young person comes out. They don't know who they can talk to or where to turn for help. Our goal is to help every parent/guardian have the information and support they need to make home a space where their LGBTQ+ or questioning child feels known, safe, and deeply loved. 

Page relies on the latest research from the Family Acceptance Project, a long-term study that makes clear which family behaviors are most likely to help LGBTQ+ youth grow into happy, healthy, hopeful adults. Check out some of their resources here

Do you want to bring a parent/guardian workshop to your organization, school, or faith community? We currently have funding to offer workshops across Whatcom county.  Don't hesistate to reach out, you can meet with Page anytime to ask questions, find a non-judgemental space to share, and get connected to resources for yourself, your child and family. Just send a quick note to 

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