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Every school, district, and community is unique. The CGP works with schools to build a plan to fit your community's unique needs.


Do you have questions about Gender Inclusive Schools laws?

Are you struggling with bathroom challenges, staff not using affirming pronouns, anti-LGBTQ+ bullying?

Want to help your schools implement trauma-informed practices for LGBTQ+ students?

Are you wondering how Discriminatory Harassment and HIB laws and policies apply to LGBTQ+ students?

Are you just wanting to be sure that the practices you have in place are proven to create the most supportive environment possible for LGBTQ+ students?    

You have come to the right place!

Teaching and leading in education is challenging under the best circumstances. These last three years have been off-the-charts hard. And we are still wrapping our heads around the impact on students, families, and staff. So let's just start by saying thank you for the work you do to educate and love children and families every day. 

The CGP believes that schools are devoted to making a positive difference in the life of every child. And we know that stepping up to support LGBTQ+ students comes with challenges, concerns, and uncharted changes in systems that move slowly. 

Whether your district is just beginning to talk about supports for LGBTQ+ students, or you have incoming staff who need to get up to speed on the great work you've accomplished, the CGP is here to help you meet your equity goals. 

Through March of 2025, all schools in the North Sound region of Washington State (Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish, and Whatcom counties) can access professional development, technical assistance, and general support from the CGP at no cost. 

The time to lead on protecting and empowering LGBTQ+ students is now. Don't wait for a crisis to make this work a priority. 

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