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Image by Hannah Busing


Making NW Washington a Place Where LGBTQ+ Youth Can Thrive

The Community of Practice meets each 3rd Tuesday from 1-2pm. Get the link and more info by joining the CoP email list with the button below. 


The Community of Practice for adults in Washington has launched! We are co-creating an online space to share our struggles and successes, resources and opportunities in supporting LGBTQ+ youth. Each month we have a brief time of sharing information, updates, opportunities or new resources. Then we work together to trouble-shoot the challenges you keep bumping up against. As a team we share strategies that have worked, make space for important (and sometimes intimidating questions), and support each other in the sometimes lonely work of standing in the gap for LGBTQ+ youth.


Individually we can make life better and easier for the LGBTQ+ youth in our orbit. Together we can change a whole region. 


Click the button below to send us your contact information and we will send you links and updates. 

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